Amor Vittorioso

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi

Tutti Venite armati O forti miei soldati

Io son L’invitt’ Amore Giusto saettatore Non temente punto Ma in bella schiera uniti Me seguitate arditi

Sembrano forti heroi Quei che son contra voi

Ma da chi sa ferire Non si sapian schermire Non temente punto

Ma corragio sie forti siat’ a la pugna accorti.

Everyone come armed, all my strong soldiers. 

I am invincible Love, the just archer. Do not fear, but follow me ardently in perfect formation. 

Our foes seem to be strong, those who are against you; 

but for those whose aim is sure, there is no defense. Do not fear, 

but be of good courage and cunning in battle.


The Archer of Love rallies his army of soldiers to fight bravely, to overcome all resistance, and to hit their targets. The “fa la la la la”, sprinkled throughout the voice parts, adds to the fun.

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