Orlando di Lasso
Orlando di Lasso was a dynamic, cosmopolitan and versatile Flemish composer who was influenced by styles of the French, Venetians, Germans and others, though especially the Italians. He is primarily known for his motets, but he produced more than 2,000 works of various forms. In his later years, Lasso concentrated on sacred forms of music, foregoing the frivolous works of his youth, including his inspired madrigals. Lasso's "Matona, Mia Cara" is one man's testament to his romantic prowess. Larksong prefers to sing this particular madrigal in the original Italian, so as not to offend the tender ears of our modern, mostly English-speaking audience.  Lasso served Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria beginning in 1556 or 1557 and became head of the ducal chapel in Munich from 1560 to his death in 1594. 

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